Thursday, May 18, 2006


May 15, 2006

Four days more before we'll going to end our OJT here in BITSTOP. We need to accomplish our project for the approaching project evaluation before weekend. In order to meet the time requirement we had continued the development of the said project. The database could now display the desired output of the user using the query menu.Some minor problems were still encountered but amidst this trials we still need to survive, after all, few days from now we will go back already to Tuguegarao specifically to University of Saint Louis.

May 16,2006


The development of the project continues, unfortunately we had a big problem regarding our website because we lacked the knowledge in using the Microsoft Visual Studio specifically the database of our project will soon be completed hopefully few days from now. The website that we made through Web Visual developer had some errors that's why we couldn't be able to view it in the browser. We also tried make a simple web site through the used of the Macromedia Dreamweaver but we were not satisfied with the output. Moreover the requirement in the development of the project is to use the newest versions of Microsoft software.

May 17, 2006

Last two days more before we'll say good bye to Dagupan City especially to Bitstop Network Services Inc. but we are still on process in developing our projects. We are now in maiking the summary reports of our database of our enrollemnt system. On the other hand In the aftrenoon Sir Wison told us that on Friday will be the "D DAY" for the group. He told us further that incomplete project means automatically failed that's why we felt so worried. Amidst all this worries we still need to continue the things that we had started for us not to regret whatever be the result. At least we knew that we did our very best to meet all the requirements of our project as well as their expectations from each one of us.

May 18, 2006

The "D Day" is drawing near, we feel the pressure and the tension due to this one but we must continue our quest. The finishing part of our project in preparation for the project evalaution tomorrow. We made the powerpoint presentaion of the our proposed project for the forthcoming ebaluation. We also updated our blog which serves us our initial documenation in our day-to-day activites here in Bitstop Inc., Dagupan City. Sir Wilson had again visited us and we told him about our problem regarding our website. We had mentioned earlier that we're having a difficulty in developing our website using so switchedto HTML coding. Prior to this Mr. Morante, the owner of ACE CPA Review School told the group that he want their website to be as simpler as possible for ease of use and as well as the maintenance of it. So we told sir Wilson about this one and he told us that we can't do nothing if it is the will of the client to have a simpler website rather than to have a better one.

Watch out for the result of our project evaluation tomorrow. We hope that we shall pass the ultimate test. Our destiny for now lies upon the mercy of the Almighty God so all we have to do is to pray for his help to each and everyone of us.


May 8, 2006

It's the first day of the week and we just have barely two weeks from now to complete our project so we need to double our time for us to complete the said project. In the afternoon we had installed the adobe photshop CS2 for the development of the images that we need in our web site. On the other hand Jun-jun and Ma'am Luisa continued the database design of the enrollment system of the ACE Review School.

May 9, 2006

We have just barely less than two weeks from now to accomplished our project. Ma'am Luisa and Jun-jun continued our database design. Before lunch break Ma'am Luisa and Caren went back to ACE Review School to get the other data and information that they had promised us earlier.
In the afternoon we still continued the challenge hoping that we were able to finished it considering that we just have short span of time to finish the tasks.

May 10, 2006

Another day of hard work came across to our way. As usual we went on with our proposed project. Ma'am Luisa told me to research on how to create a help menu for the database of our project. According to her we shall be creating a help menu for the database to serve as a guide for our client when they'll going to use it later on upon the accomplishment of the said project. I had downloaded the Microsoft Help Workshop, unfortunately some errors occurred during the installation so we were not able to use it accordingly. I tried to download another version of help authoring/writing documentation tool and that is the Help and Manual 4 and at last we were able to test it and yet it's very effective and easy to use for the beginners like us.

In the afternoon we had a problem regarding our database. The database was converted into start up or became an executable file already for some reasons. The Microsoft Access that we were using could not be open because of our project that had become and .exe file. Before we went home Ma'am Luisa tried to recover our project as well as the Microsoft Access but we did not make it. The Access couldn't be open anymore unless we will undergo to another installation process and that will be the first thing that we will do tomorrow

May 11, 2006

Another tiring day again? Considering the time remaining we have really to double our time in the development our project. Unfortunately some unexpected circumstances had happen recently which cause delay to our project just as what had happen yesterday before we leave the office. Our database was converted into startup which means that we could not edit anymore our project. Upon entering to this office this morning we tried to retrieve our files from the startup option, unluckily we didn't make it. The problem became more complicated when the we could not access it anymore because it is protected by a password which we could not remember. We had a trial and error process in order for us to possibly access our database but it so happen that it didn't work still. We could help ourselves rather than to reinstall Access 2003 in oujr workstation hoping that it will retrieve back our recent database but still it's ineffective. It's lunch break and we supposed to go home for lunch but we preferred to stay inside the workplace to think some solujtions to our problem. We tried to transfer the CD-ROM in the workstation 2 for the installation of Access 2003 but in a couple of hours we didn't able to do it for the IDE cable that we used is connected to the hard disks and it prohibitd the system to detect the CD-ROM that we're trying to connect. When the group of Marcelo arrived in the company we asked his help in order for us to install the Access in workstation 2. Finally we were able to to make it succeesfully. Immediately, Ma'am Luisa started again making the database design of our project and it will took again a lot of time for us to gain the recent status of our project so in short back-to-zero. huh!

May 12, 2006

In the morning we continued our daily routine activities regarding our project. Around 10:00 am when one of the employees here in BITSTOP told us to proceed in Star Plaza Hotel to attend in the on-going MIcrosoft Summit as instructed by Sir Wilson. Right after, we immediately turn off the computers that we used before we left for the said summit. The venue is located at the sixth floor of the Star Plaza HotelWhen we arrived at the venue the summit had already started and the discussion is already going on. Cecille O. Acenita of WSI Software discussed about Asset Management Overview particularly on Subscription and buy out of Microsoft Licence for the differenet Microsoft products that is used by the Microsoft partners nationwide. After her talk a few minutes of discussion followed. After a few minutes of discussion, Mr. Jay Paloma, the Managing Consultant port and packet IT Consultant discussed about Software Asset Management (SAM). A few minutes of discussion also followed. Then followed shortly by the last speaker but definitely not the least among them. He was suppossedly be the first speaker but due to technical problem he swapped with the later speakers so he became the final speaker in the said summit. He dicussed to the body about the newest Microsoft Windows, the Microsoft Windows Vista.

He mentioned about the five editions of the Windows Vista which includes the following with their respective features:

Windows Vista Home Basic

Similar to Windows XP Home Edition, Home Basic is intended for budget users not requiring advanced media support for home use. The "Aero Glass" theme with translucent effects will not be included with this edition. Home Basic will support up to 8 GB of physical memory.

Windows Vista Home Premium

Based on the Windows Vista Home Basic, this edition will additionally support more advanced features aimed for the home market segment, such as HDTV support and DVD authoring . Extra games, mobile and tablet computer support, file system encryption, and a photo management application are also included. This edition is comparable to Windows XP Media Center Edition and Tablet PC Edition. Home Premium will support up to 16 GB of physical memory.

Windows Vista Business

Comparable to Windows XP Professional, and aimed at the business market. Does not include the Media Center features of Home Premium, but does include the IIS web server, fax support, offline files, dual physical processor support, Remote Desktop, ad-hoc P2P collaboration capabilities, and support for 128 GB of memory. Product activation is not present in this edition.

Windows Vista Enterprise

This edition is aimed at the enterprise segment of the market, and is a superset of the Business edition. Additional features include a single-session version of Virtual PC, multilingual user interface support, BitLocker Drive Encryption, and UNIX application support. This edition will not be available through retail or OEM channels, but through Software Assurance.

Windows Vista Ultimate

This edition combines all the features of Home Premium and Enterprise editions, and additionally comes with podcast creation support — which Microsoft has dubbed "blogcasting" — a game performance tweaker (code-named WinSAT), DVD ripping capabilities, and special online services for downloadable media, as well as additional customer service options. The Ultimate edition is aimed to be the most impressive edition of Vista, aimed at high-end PC users, gamers, multimedia professionals, and PC enthusiasts. Like the Business and Enterprise versions, product activation will not be required.

He also discussed about the hardware requirements of the said new Microsoft Window which includes:

Microsoft has not released final details of Windows Vista's hardware requirements; however, Microsoft has released some preliminary Windows Vista Capable PC Hardware guidelines for those wishing to upgrade to Windows Vista and have the full Aero experience.
x86-compatible 32-bit or x64-compatible 64-bit microprocessor(s) (Dual-core systems will be supported on all editions except Starter, and multiple physical processors are supported on Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions)
ACPI-compatible firmware is required.
At least 512 megabytes of physical memory. Microsoft is also encouraging the use of ECC memory to improve stability [17].
Graphics Card
A DirectX 9–compatible GPU that is capable of supporting Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) (only needed for Aero Glass) and has 64 megabytes of VRAM at minimum.
Hard Drive space
At least 3 gigabytes for installation files, possibly more, depending on the edition of Windows Vista.
Copy-restricted high-definition digital content, such as next-generation HD DVD movies, can be displayed at a reduced resolution of 480p (DVD quality) or 540p if the copyright owner desires, unless viewed on a High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP)-compatible monitor. Very few existing displays and retail video cards are compliant with this standard.
Minimum system requirements are documented in the preliminary WinSAT Reference: X86-compatible CPU with SSE extensions, 256 megabytes of memory, and 1024 x 768 capable graphics. Native Vista drivers or legacy XP drivers can be used.
One of the delegates asked the speaker if why Microsoft Vista? And the speaker answered there are three C's behind this concept and he mentioned the following: (1) clarity (2) confident (3) connected.

The session ended around 12:30 in the aftrenoon so we need to go home for lunch before we'll go back to BITSTOP. We spent the whole afternoon in developing our project.
It's a tiring day but, indeed a meaningful day for each and one of us.

May 13, 2006

It's Saturday but we still need to go to BITSTOP to continue our proposed project.


May 02, 2006

The two and a half-day vacation was over so back to the usual routine. We encountered a problem. When we tried to open the Microsoft Visual Studio BETA 2, we found out that it already reached its expiration date and there is a need for reinstallation for us to continue our project so we downloaded the express edition of it.

In the afternoon, the group decided to have a visit to ACE Review School to gather more pertinent data that is needed in the developmentof their web site. We had identified the things that we need for the completion of the project. Around 4:00 in the afternoon the group went to ACE Review School. We presented our initial plan regarding the project and we asked them to provide us the things that we still need in the said project. Luckily, Mr.Morante (the owner) was very approachable and we had settled all the things with him in a short span of time.

May 03, 2006

Ma'am Luisa and Jun-jun had started the development of the database for the enrollment system of ACE Review School. Caren continued on creating necessary images to be imported soon in the Visual Studio for the development of the said project. I tried also to download a sample project proposal to serve as a basis for our soon-to-be project documentation. Using the data gathered yesterday we came up with a meaningful output like the database that we had just started today. At the end of the day we had an initial output which will be further improved these following days until such time that we'll going to have the complete package of the said project in the near future.

May 4, 2006

The day is quite good for us to continue the challenge. Ma'am Luisa and Jun-jun went on with our database design. We had encountered the usual problems that we had these past few days but luckily we were able to pass it.
At the end of the day we had done some modifications in our previous outputs particularly on the database of the enrollment system of ACE Review School.

May 5, 2006

The day is quite good for us to continue the challenge. Ma'am Luisa and Jun-jun went on with our database design.We had encountered the usual problems that we had these past few days but luckily we were able to pass it.
At the end of the day we had done some modifications in our previous outputs particularly on the database of the enrollment system of ACE Review School.

May 6, 2006

It's Saturday and we were supposed to relax but instead we went to BITSTOP to continue the development of our project. We spent almost a day there.


April 30, 2006

Around 3:00 in the aftrenoon when we head to Bitstop Inc. to witness the annual celebration of Dagupan Bangus Festival. Wearing our Bangus Festival T-shirt we were all gathered infront of the Bitstop company to join in the said celebration. Everyone seems to be very exited to witness the different expected events during that celebration. It's our first time to witness such festival that's why we felt very exited to witness such. There we had seen the so called "Longest grill" in the world. Diferrent organizations, companies LGUs and other NGO's participated during this memorable event.

It's exactly 6:00 pm when bangus grills were lighted along the Fernandez Ave. There you can see the stunning beauty of the Bangus Festival. Right after the lighting of grills we started now to roast the bangus(Milk Fish) in the grills. We helped the employees of Bitstop in doing the task. We also broiled hotdogs, barbecue, and eggplants. On the other hand The street were very busy because of the different shows in the different designated areas here in Dagupan. A lot of performers were invited to perform during the Night affair. Some of them are Francis Magalona, Rachelle Anne Go, the Hale Band, The trio and so on. After the roasting we immediately proceed to the ground floor of Bitstop ready for the Dinner. After the dinner we watched the diferent performing artists in the streets.

A very tiring day isn't it? Yes, but indeed it's an unforgettable experience during our stay here in Dagupan City.


April 24, 2006

We have to start our work out plan. We should start working with the web design. We had conceptualize on what would be the contents of our would-be website. The initial web design would have its home page, admission, registration and about us page. Since we are still not familiar with the IDE will going to use to create a site, we tried to create the Walkthrough: Creating and using ASP.NET Master Pages in Web Developer. This walkthrough illustrates how to create a master page and several content pages. Master pages allow you to create a page layout — a template page — and then create separate pages containing content that is merged with the master page at run time.

April 25, 2006

We're almost done in creating the table design of our enrollment information system for the ACE Review School. All we have to do is to complete the design and format properties of the different fields to ensure the integrity of data. We are still on the process of learning how to do them, like how to set up a field as an autonumber, how to set input mask for fields which follows a pattern in the data input, how to set date field to automatically register the present date, how to set a default data, how to create a row source using value list and still more.

April 26, 2006

We downloaded adobe photoshop and macromedia flash for us to create the necessary graphics and animation of the web design of our proposed project. We used it to create images which we will be importing in the visual studio later on. We started to create the images that we will need for our web. We tried to form the logo of the ACE review center and finally we imported it in the visual studio.

April 27, 2006

Itinerary for today is to continue our database design. Jun Jun was tasked to continue creating the tables we will need for our system. Work done xcept for the design of the properties of the different fields. We spend the rest of the afternoon reading some tutorials at the help menu.

April, 28, 2006

Another work day. We continued the development of the graphics content of our website. We cannot decide yet on what logo we will be using because we have to ask first the proprietor of what is his preference regarding their logo. Since we cannot move on with our web design, we spent the rest of the time surfing the net, researching other features of

April 29, 2006

We had a half day work.This is because in the afternoon is the Gilon Gilon festival.


April 17, 2006

We were supposed to start building our project but due to unfamiliarity with the IDE we shall be using, we found ourselves barefooted. We got to have a thorough training with Visual Studio 2005. We spend the whole day learning about it. We started feeling hopeless until Sir Wilson told us that a MIcrosoft man shall give us a training using this language.

April 18, 2006

With all the energy, we decided to change our direction. This will be our itinerary for the week starting today:
Caren and Marjory shall spend their time today doing some training on and Visual Basic using the Keystone Learning. They shall spend the rest of the week doing some images using Adobe Photoshop which we shall be using in the web design of our project.
JunJun and myself (",) shall work on the database design of our project using Access database and SQL server. We hope to accomplish something worthwhile today. Give you some news before this day ends. Watch out for the next post!

April 19, 2006

Since the Keystone Learning is not available, we started our training using the Developer Blast Training which comes in CD ROM and User Guide book. We used as our manual in developing simple web pages in Visual Studio Web Development. It's quite hard to follow some of it since some of the terms used was not that very common. We also tried to apply the Guided Tour of Creating Web Sites from MSDN Visual Studio Library 2005 Beta. At the end of the day, we are able to create simple websites.

April 20, 2006

The need is an in depth training of the, so we tried to learn more concepts for us to follow its application. While doing so, we tried to create an account from the SQL server making instances for us to remotely connect from it at the same time with the other workstations. We found out that only two computers can access the server at the same time. We also installed the documentation, trainings and tutorials of SQL Server for us to learn from it. We switch from Visual Studio to SQL Server once in a while to learn the two platforms we shall be using for our project.

April 21, 2006

Work out plan!

Next week, we'll start a new plan. We have to move on. We have barely 3 weeks more to go and we have'nt started yet with the project. The plan goes this way:
Caren and Majing will work with the web design and JunJun and me will work with the database design. We will work alternately every other day. While we will be working on the database design Majing and Caren shall gather the necessary information from ACE for the content of their website. We will also visit the same office to collect their data requirements for their enrollment system.


April 10, 2006

There was a training on the different softwares of Adobe - Golive, Photoshop and Illustrator. It was a self-training for a half day. We spend the rest of the afternoon brainstorming the would-be design of our proposed project. We made some tasking about the different responsibilities each one would undertake during the development.

April 11, 2006

The installation of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite, Beta 2 Version, with MSDN Library on all three workstations is finally done.The group got the chance to browse at the newly installed Visual Studio 2005 and spend the rest of the day surfing the net.

April 12-15, 2006

Holy Week!


April 1, 2006

April Fool!

The group rushed to Bitstop for their supposed-to-be-orientation but only lasted for a quarter minute. After a short introduction from Mr. Wilson Chua, the owner of Bitstop Incorporation, he asked the students to introduce themselves including their expectations for their on-the-job-training in the said office.Truly an energetic man, he let the group listen immediately to an audio presentation about e-business. He made some lectures about the audio asking the students about their notes they took down from the presentation. It was quite a good day. The group are still sleepy after a long trip, a ten-hour journey from the north. Sir Wilson then decided to dismiss the group and continue the unfinished presentasion, Monday.

April 3, 2006

Ready with their individual project proposal, the group headed their way to Bitstop offiice. They continued listening to the unfinished presentation. Sir Wilson inspired the group by convincing them of such an "in thing"- having competitive advantage through the use of the internet technology, converting "Dot ComTo Dot Profit".

With all the excitements to start the on-the-job-training, the group were given computer units needed to be set up for their use in the whole duration of the training. After it has been set up, they were given network cables where everybody had a first hand experience of making straight through cables. These will be used for the network connections of the workstations. Before the day ended, Sir Wilson, gave a demo about Network Load Balancing using his virtual PC. It sounds complicated but needs only a simple set up from the network configuration.

April 4, 2006

Before configuring Network Load Balancing, the workstations were being installed with WINDOWS SERVER 2003 Enterprise Edition with service pack 1 in two units to serve as Web Servers. Installed also are WINDOWS XP Evaluation Copy in three units to be use as workstations and SQL server 2005 in one unit. We configured the network connections to set up Network Load Balancing in the two active servers. With some technical problems, the whole task did not work out. We rather end the day, still hoping that everything will work out the following day.

April 5, 2006

While some group tried to set up the network load balance of the two server stations the others explored the net to check whether their project proposals are already existing. It was not a fruitful day though. The network load balance did not work out even though the windows server 2003 was already reinstalled. It might be a hardware-related problem, we thought so we need to change the system unit we used for the set up. Anyway, we were able to install the required components needed to install SQL server 2005.

The day ended with some hope that network load balancing will soon work out.

April 6, 2006

The group decided to come early to finish the whole set-up of network load balance using two servers and three more computers. Since we were not able to set up for the previous days, we decided to change the system units for it might just be a hardware problem. Just as we thought, we configured it again following the same steps, and our anxieties were ended. We hope we can now move on.Sir Wilson announced that one of his friends is interested in making the enrollment process of their CPA review center online. We decided to accept the task- an online enrollment for the ACE Review Center. We were told that we will have an interview with the proprietor the next day.

April 7, 2006

Since we only installed the Evaluation Copy of Windows XP in the previous days, we cannot install then MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2005 Standard Edition, Beta 2 version. We have to install WINDOWS XP Professional Edition in the three workstations. Unfortunately, the MSDN Library is not part of the standard version. What is left for us is to uninstall everything again and reinstall the Team Suite with the MSDN Library.We were scheduled to have an interview with the owner of the ACE review center. We then decided to meet and prepare for the things we need to ask the owner. We finally had the draft of our queries and we headed off to his office. Upon knowing their operations, we proposed of an online enrollment system but the owner prefered having a stand alone system first before putting it on the net.